So, until I got cancer I never really thought much about chemotherapy or radiation. I actually thought chemotherapy was medical radiation. Which it is, sort of. Still I thought either way, the patient went and got radiated periodically by a big machine. I certainly did not think chemotherapy was an administered drug!

Well over the last few days I have learned this: the drug I am using for chemotherapy is “idarubicin”. It was given to me today in my new Power PICC Line (which is way better than an IV). It was a slow injection into the PICC line rather a drip. It was done by the nurse. In preparation for handling and administering the drug she had to wear a full plastic coverall and special gloves. Wow. Strong stuff.

Well three more session. One every other day, so that will take me to April 11th. I guess that will be followed with those pesky bone marrow biopsies. Dang!

So, first session and I am still doing well here, just doing my part, staying positive and following instructions.

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