Much love and thanks to all

To everyone who has added me to a prayer list, prayed for me, visited, helped my family or held a good thought for us. It is amazing. I do not understand the power of prayer but I know it exists. I have confidence that you all have helped me immensely. I really feel I can beat this.

I cannot thank you enough. If you have been in this kind of situation, you know it means a lot. If not, you cannot imagine how wonderful it is to hear you are being prayed for or thought of at a time like this!

Much love and thanks to all.

2 thoughts on “Much love and thanks to all”

  1. Just found out – quite stunned by the news.

    Yes, of course you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I see us talking online a year from now; you are physically healed, and your artistic expression is in top form.

    Take care of yourself as much as you can, and let others do all the rest.


  2. prayer is a communication to God. Meditation is listening to God. Lots of both going on. Love, Katy

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