Typical Day of the AML M3 Patient

In a typical day right now (it is the end of day six in the hospital) I:

– Wake up
– Get vitals taken
– Pray, meditate, look out the window
– Get visits and check-ups from doctor team
– Get breakfast (always has scrambled eggs) and morning meds.
– Watch movie, listen to mp3s, check email, read
– Get lunch (always has macaroni and cheese)
– Take shower
– Walk floor without IV pole connected
– Get IV back in
– Get chemotherapy if an odd number day
– Receive visitors
– Eat dinner (usually has macaroni and cheese)
– Get meds
– Walk floor with IV pole
– Chat online, watch movie, play mp3s
– Go to bed

In some ways it is not bad having some down time in life, and having people wait on you. I will probably change my tune in six more days!

Throughout the day I get checked on by doctors (four on my team), nurses and technicians for vitals and miscellanea. The most common question I get asked? “Did you have a bowel movement today?”

6 thoughts on “Typical Day of the AML M3 Patient”

  1. Heh, wonder what they’d say if you asked *them* that?

    You are in my prayers sweets 😀 and always on my mind 🙂


  2. I dunno man… I once DID decide to ask them that when I was younger and the guy told me.

    Didn’t do that again.

    ‘hugs Paint, we’re thinking of ya!

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