Name the Pump!

Okay this ol’ girl is attached to me 22-1/2 hours a day via my PICC Line. I figure if I am going to hang with anything that damn much, it should have a name. Can you help me name her?

iv pump

Just put any suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Name the Pump!”

  1. Olive Oil? Tall, thin, won’t go away, and anytime it makes a sound you just want to kick it 😛

    I always called mine Pokey. Take from that what you will LOL.

  2. I bet if Marmee could read your blog, she would suggest “Toodles” or “Scraps”!

    Personally, I like “Clementine”.

    I miss getting to see you very much. Rebecca has been keeping me busy. She sends lots of open-mouthed kisses, spit-up, and loud toots.

  3. How about “Fav” short for Favor, which means to assist, to provide with special advantages and to receive preferential treatment. It goes with you everwhere and is providing you preferential treatment!!

    ,,,,,and as a favor you will eventially say goodbye to it!

    Love you – Mom

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