Clostridium Difficile

Through out my hospital stay I have been blessed with a number of great visitors. Soon this has to slow down if not halt altogether. Two reasons:

1) Today I tested positive for “Clostridium Difficile” or “C-Diff”. Basically this arises after taking antibiotics for a long time thus killing not only bad bacteria but good bacteria too. The solution is that they have changed my antibiotics. However, I am now a risk to visitors and the staff. So the staff has to gown up to work with me and visitors are not allowed physical contact. No hugs, no handshakes. Sigh.

2) My white blood cell counts are supposed to drop soon. In fact, they should drop to zero. This will leave me with basically no immune system. Thus I am at high risk of getting infections from visitors.

So visitors are not good for me and I am not good for them. Not sure how long either of these conditions will persist. We shall see.

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