Burning Man

If you know me or have been reading this blog, you know I was excited as I could be about attending Burning Man this year. Unfortunately, my recovery plan for leukemia is not going to accommodate going to Burning Man this year and perhaps not next year either.

A major part of my treatment is taking ATRA (Retin-A) for I believe the next two years. Sun exposure and Retin-A do not mix. Thus, a week of extreme desert camping is not in my best interest.

So, I now have two tickets I can sell. If interested contact me.

5 thoughts on “Burning Man”

  1. Hiyas Paint! I just wanted to stop by and give you a hug. *HUGGS* I hope ya not feeling too crappy in there. We’re all glad that you have a laptop in there to stop by the forum to chat with us. I miss your DJing! 🙂 I’m still sending ya all kinds of good vibes and karma! And I hope the food isn’t ‘too’ bad. LOL I hope all is going smoothly for ya in there and I hope you get well soon! 🙂
    Dawn Renee

  2. I just want to say you are amazing Paint, your strength and good spirit is such an inspiration. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Sorry to hear about burning man, glad to hear you’re doing well, though. Think you’ll make it to the RLG? Maybe we can have some burningman like festivities there for your liking 😀

  4. 🙁 Sorry about BM. Um, that reminds me of bowel movement. Let’s say Burning Man instead. Still hope you can come to the RLG though. You one of the ones I wanna meet the mostest.

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