Pain in the Mouth

One of the common side effects of chemotherapy is a sore mouth. Today has been the worst for my mouth. The gargles are okay but not quite enough to eat. Supposedly this should get better soon. It was constant pain so I had to call for pain medication. I got codeine.

Today my hemoglobin count is low so I am getting a red blood cell transfusion today. Red blood cells make me feel a lot better. Go vampire! This morning before the transfusion, I thought I would try and take a shower since I was unhooked from the IV pole. I was a little tired standing up but not short of breath. Anyhow I got into the hot shower. Bam! Almost immediately I started to faint. I grabbed the rails and lowered the seat in the shower and sat down. I just could not recover any energy. So I shut the shower off, threw a towel in my lap and pulled the nurse call cord. Embarrassingly I had to be wheel-chaired back to bed 🙁 Moral of the story? Don’t take a hot shower when your hemoglobin count is low!

So back in bed, I was embarrassed, mouth hurting and ready for transfusion. Once the transfusion started I went to sleep. A good, deep sleep too. When I a woke I saw I had a visitor. This vistor was a big surpirse. My friend David from San Francisco! Based on the day I had been having, from his perspective he probably wishes his timing was different but from my perspective his visit really lifted my spirits and could not have been timed better.

3 thoughts on “Pain in the Mouth”

  1. I am so glad that you were awoken and cheered by a friend! I am amazed by the support from your friends and family! We are all rooting for you!

    Love you!


  2. Hi Ya from the Northwest, Michael!

    This is the first time I have visited your website! Wow! I never thought I would know anyone so famous!

    Maybe I should tell your fans about you on Trey’s jetski…… Just kidding………. I will keep it a secret between …..and… and…and…and….. Well you get the picture!

    Sounds like you are getting some pretty potent cocktails! Glad to hear you are hooked on the right label!

    I’ve kept up with you through Trey and Amy. Please send me your email addy and I will send ya some pics……….. NO MICHAEL….. NOT THAT KIND! I mean pictures of my beautiful, wonderful, precious, intelligent,(shut your ears Sandy) Golden Retriever Winnie! I bet you thought I was going to say my grandchildren, didn’t you? HAHAHA Of course they are all those adjectives as well as “perfect”, etc. I certainly will send you pics of my 3 up here!

    Oh, I saw Peri when I was in Dallas and Michael, she is beeeeeeeeeeeautiful! I can’t believe she is talking! It seems like just yesterday that she was born!

    I belong to Salmon Creek United Methodist Church up here in Vancouver. I hope you don’t mind that I added you to our church prayer list. I know you are on many Dallas prayer lists, and I thought you wouldn’t mind the prayers of some Northwesterners too!

    Please let me hear from you, and I will keep in touch.

    Love ya!


  3. Hi Again!

    I didn’t know if the “Remember personal info?” meant my email address so I thought I better say “yes”, if I am going to hear from you!


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