The Next 48 Hours

I am pretty much at the height of the affects of the chemotherapy: neutropenic (no immune system), weak, tired and nagging aches and pains. In the next 48 hours I might start new cell growth. That means I will start feeling better. Until then I intend to lay low and rest. This means I might not be on for instant messages and might not update this blog for a few days. But I am still here resting, getting better, putting this thing into remission 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Next 48 Hours”

  1. I hope you will be feeling better quickly. My wife is in her first remission with M3. She had a bone marrow aspiration this morning and we will not get the results for approx. 10 days. Right now all looks good. Her oncologist is keeping her on ATRA but has taken her off the chemo due to her liver. Good luck and take care.

  2. This is the tough time but everything is uphill from now. Everyone who goes through this is really tough. I admire your strenght and attitude. Love, Katy

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