Woah! Why is my arm so big?

Last night around 10:30 I noticed my right arm (same arm as the PICC line) somehow felt heavier. So I examined it. The forearm and the elbow seemed puffy. I called the nurse. They verified it and and speculated it was a blood clot. The nurses checked the swelling through the night it did not increase.

This morning my doctor was notified of the swelling and ordered a Doppler scan of my arm. That revealed that I did in fact have clotting in my arm. So the PICC line was removed. For my IV medications I now have a regular IV needle in my left arm again.

To get rid of the blot clotting I cannot have a blood thinner. I don’t have a high enough platelet count. So I have to keep my arm raised and let it work itself out.

The good news is this might be the source of fever. One more small thing to get through in the big picture.

Tomorrow is bone marrow aspirate day. Ouch.

One thought on “Woah! Why is my arm so big?”

  1. My body has been swelling for years!! Sounds like they found the source!! Yipee!! Let’s more on and go bone marrow!!!

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