Bye Ally

Last night I noticed some swelling in my left arm by the elbow. When I showed it to the doctors today they took me off the IV fluids and the one remaining IV antibiotic (all other IV antibiotics were moved to oral yesterday). So, blood clot in each arm but I do not miss the burden of being hooked up 20 – 24 hours a day. Bye Ally, thank you for your care.

To help resolve these I keep my arms elevated as much as I can. Should be interesting when I go to bed tonight. I will have a stack of three pillows on each side of me to elevate my arms. I hope there is room left me.

Still running a fever. Lower than yesterday though.

And…my counts are up!

One thought on “Bye Ally”

  1. Reading your blog today for the first time was really weird. My son, 17, is on day 79 post transplant, and is doing very well. So many things you are going through, he went through. Keep your positive outlook – it certainly worked for us. Good luck.

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