Bone Marrow Aspirate Number Three

Well, as I get these bone marrow aspirates, I get better at it. You can breath through pain and it really helps. That is not to say it was not painful. It was. I felt it from my toe tips to my finger tips, in my bones, all over. It’s quite an amazing jolt really. Anyhow I am glad to be past another one.

Good news. Between rounds three and four of chemotherapy my blood was sent off for molecular testing. It all came back negative. That is a good sign going into today’s bone marrow aspirate.

I also had my counts taken:

White Blood Count: 4.6
Neutrophils: 2600
Hemoglobin: 13.4
Platelets: 315,000

All pretty good. Getting close on the hemoglobin.

And I started maintenance today. Once a week a shot of methotrexate. Daily two pills of mercatopurine. And every three months a fifteen day round of ATRA. So today I got the methotrexate shot and started taking mercatopurine and ATRA (again).

2 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Aspirate Number Three”

  1. Well done you for breathing your way thru’ your BM. I am a total sook and have sedation every time – I think I have had 12 so far (or is it only 11). Thankfully I don’t remember a thing, as one of the drugs is a muscle relaxant, which also acts as a memory supressant (Medazalin – not sure how it is spelled).

    I have only a further 8 weeks of maintenance therapy – I am on mercaptopurine and methotrexate, and I have one 15-day block of ATRA remaining.

    Congratulations on the great results so far, and best wishes for the future.


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