I have been dreaming of making this entry for a while now…

I am in 100% remission. My bone marrow is normal for a person my age with no evidence of leukemia or any other blood cancer! You know, I knew I would cry when I got the results, regardless of what they were. I am so relived. I have so many feelings right now it is really hard to describe.

Yesterday’s counts:

White Blood Cells: 4.2
Neutrophils: 2400
Hemoglobin: 13.5
Platelets: 249,000

Light the Night

8 thoughts on “REMISSION!!!”

  1. I think Michael made a typo when he said, “I am so relived.” But to me it is not a typo. Michael, you are RELIVED!! I am doing the Happy Dance!

  2. Michael:
    That’s wonderful news to hear!!! We are very happy for you. Kathy is back to teaching and life seems almost normal again.
    Terry and Kathy

  3. Painty!!! w00t good to have you around for longer 😀 now I’ll have many more years to drive you crazy!

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