My blood counts have been great. And I guess you might say still improving. Today I had a 14 on hemoglobin. Which put me in the normal range. Non-anemic!

Today was also an appointment with my Oncologist/Hematologist. Interesting note. She is not considering me 100% in remission. She wants another molecular test. The last one was clear for one cell in 20. The one she wants to have run is one cell in a million. Hopefully the test can be run using the marrow obtained in the last aspirate. If not, I’ll be getting my next bone marrow aspirate a little early.

I guess that is all okay with me. At this point I think the proof is in the blood counts. They are consistently good. And obviously in some areas, still improving. And if I have to get a bone marrow aspirate early? Pfft, whatever. I have already proved to myself, I can get through those.

One thought on “14!”

  1. Hi Michael,

    My name is Dana and I just came across your blog and wanted to congratulate you on your remission! It is quite possibly the most beautiful word in the entire dictionary. Cheers to a poignant and educational blog. I am an AML survivor as well, M4eO, to be specific. I just want to give you a huge pat on the back for all you are doing to help others. I just started a blog myself! http://www.leukemia-research.org
    Cheers to remission!
    All the best! God Bless, Michael!

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