The latest. Last week I saw my Oncologist/Hematologist. My mouth sores have not really impressed her. So we did not reduce the dosage of my maintenance medications. Just stay on a daily multi-vitamin with B6, zinc and folic acid. And well for this week no mouth sores. I also asked about the long term effect of these meds on my liver and heart. No risk to my heart. And she checks my liver via results from my CBCs. I will have to get more information on how that is done in my next visit. Overall my doctor’s take is she wants to cure me (five years in remission) rather than make me comfortable 😛 However, my white blood cell count last week was a little low, 3.5. She did say if it drops below that, then they will reduce the dosages. Temporarily.

Good news. Now my doctor considers me in 100% remission! She got all of the test results she wanted and they are all clean. Another bone marrow aspirate on October 26th. Sigh. This is getting all to routine.

Off to the Oncology office again today. CBC and Methotrexate shot.

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  1. Hey Mike, great site and good to see you doing so well, I must introduce myself, I work with your Mom and hope I was some help and hope to her and yourself with the fight with LUK. I least that is my nickname for it, I am like you very gratefull to be in remission myself from M3 APL. My family walked in your name in the Light the Night back in April of this year at the Katy,Texas walk. Keep up the good work, and don’t worry about the maintenance it to go’s away, mine is only every 6 month’s now.

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