F/N = Fever and neutropenic. Apparently it is a pretty common reaction to the chemotherapy… I just did not want it to be my reaction! Good news though. No fever this morning. Let’s hope those white blood cells and neutrophils are chugging along too.

Someone once told me, “if you want to get some rest, don’t come to the hospital.” True words. I certainly remember the drill: vitals every four hours, blood draws as six in the morning. And every time a nurse comes in, “When was your last bowel movement?”


I got the most wonderful surprise this morning when Sarah brought me Paciugo. Yummy!

When I first got here I decided I needed to remain positive. As a part of that, I requested comedy DVDs from friends and family. Now the occasionally comedy is alright, but that is not really my style. So I just had to ask Sarah to bring me some movies more to my liking:



Ah, much better. I guess I am positive if I am watching my kind of movies.

For all of you commenting on my bowel movement remark/entry. Yes, I am regular. Oh and on a related note they are now measuring my urine output. Oh bother.