A Blast of Neulasta

Like all my other outpatient rounds of chemotherapy, we end with a white blood cell booster shot. Neulasta. I guess it is good. My counts came back nice and quick after round two. Obviously not so well after round three. Let’s hope we do well this time 🙂 Had the Neulasta shot today. Basically that means bone aches tomorrow. Ugh. Along with being tired from chemotherapy. This soon shall pass.

Come on bone marrow! Come on hair follicles!

Chemo Daze

Well it seems the consolidation round of chemotherapy is taking effect. I was tired yesterday. Today I am wiped out. I also feel achy and have a headache. If this is the worst of it, I’ll be very lucky. Really I feel like I am doing better than I did with the induction round.

Well, either way this will pass. Healthy good new cell growth will restart again. In between…chemo daze…

Dang Clots

Well a Doppler scan on my left arm today showed yet another blood clot. These blood clots are a very probable cause of my ongoing fever. The good news is that my platelet count is now high enough for them to give me a blood thinner to try and dissolve the clots. So maybe the fever will be gone sooner! And I will be home sooner!

My blood counts are up again today. My bone marrow aspirate results are good. My bone marrow does not show leukemia. The molecular tests of the bone marrow still do show leukemia. Hence, multiple rounds of chemotherapy.


So, until I got cancer I never really thought much about chemotherapy or radiation. I actually thought chemotherapy was medical radiation. Which it is, sort of. Still I thought either way, the patient went and got radiated periodically by a big machine. I certainly did not think chemotherapy was an administered drug!

Well over the last few days I have learned this: the drug I am using for chemotherapy is “idarubicin”. It was given to me today in my new Power PICC Line (which is way better than an IV). It was a slow injection into the PICC line rather a drip. It was done by the nurse. In preparation for handling and administering the drug she had to wear a full plastic coverall and special gloves. Wow. Strong stuff.

Well three more session. One every other day, so that will take me to April 11th. I guess that will be followed with those pesky bone marrow biopsies. Dang!

So, first session and I am still doing well here, just doing my part, staying positive and following instructions.