Just wow…

I had a regular doctor’s appointment with my oncologist/hematologist today. First I went to the lab to have my blood drawn for cell counts. then to the nurse’s desk for vitals to be checked. Then to the examination room to wait for the doctor.

When she came in she announced, “You’re blood counts are better than mine!” Wow. Just wow… All of my cell counts were normal for a male of my size. I have been off of all cancer treatment related medication now for over 48 hours. No blood transfusions since the second half of April. Last chemotherapy infusion was May 12th. And here I am 56 days after diagnosis, walking around like a normal guy. Amazing.

In a couple of weeks I start my third round of chemotherapy. It will be five days in a row. This time it is not Idarubicin. It is Mitoxantrone. Same family as Idarubicin. Idarubicin is orange and when you take it your pee looks something like Tang. Apparently Mitoxantrone is blue and I will be peeing pea-green pee.