Counts are looking good!

I think I am finally coming out of my round three chemo daze!

Today’s counts:

White Blood Cells: 4.3 (good)
Neutrophils: 2100 (good enough for now)
Hemoglobin: 10.7 (12 – 16 would be nice, but 10 is safe)
Platelets: 182,000 (200,000 – 400,000 is ideal)

Other than two mouth sores, I think I am finally done with round three!

Good news first?

Today I had my blood drawn for cell counts. When I called into the nurse to get the results, she asked if I “wanted the good news first, or the good news?”

Wow. My platelets are down to 280,000. That is human range again! No more aspirin and no more dang Lovenox shots in the stomach twice a day.

My white blood cell counts are low but respectable. My neutrophils are enough to to take care of myself. And my red blood cells are anemic but high enough!

All counts are coming back up from the consolidation round of chemotherapy. Already!

That means I did it! I went through chemotherapy as an outpatient!!! No easy feat for those fighting leukemia, in my humble opinion.

In fact, the counts were so good, they canceled next week’s blood draw. I do have a full doctor’s appointment late next week. That will include a blood draw for cell counts. And knowing my Oncologist/Hematologist, she will want to do a bone marrow aspirate. Ouch!!!

Blood Counts

Here is the information on my most recent blood counts:

– White blood cells are low but acceptable. I just need to be careful to keep my hands clean and watch out for who I come into contact with. No sick people!

– Red blood cells. Technically, I am anemic but I am far better than I was on April first when I checked into the hospital. I do not get tired. No fever, no shortness of breath.

– Platelets are whack. I have about two and a half times the amount of platelets a male of my size should have. While this sounds good considering it was not long ago I had to get platelet transfusions, it is not. To fix this I am taking Lovenox shots twice a day (in the stomach) for another 30 days. I am also taking an aspirin once a day.

Well I am finding out that I am not my blood counts. I still feel good. I can drive, walk a long distiance, take a warm shower…all with impunity 🙂