What is Wrong With Me

Turns out I have Leukemia. If there is ever good news about cancer or Leukemia it is when the news is that you have the variety that is curable. Which I do. I have acute Leukemia, and the treatment plan they are going to use for me has a 90% success rate.

So this weekend I received numerous units of blood and today I actually feel “right”. Unfortunately things are going to get worse before they get better. This week I start chemotherapy, not sure about all the side effects from that, but hair loss seems inevitable. Oh well, small price. Also I will be in the hospital for at least a month. I miss my daughter, my home, and my things, all of it really. Well it will all be there for me in time.

I have a long road to go with this. So if you are religious or spiritual, I love hearing that I am in your prayers or on a prayer list. I believe in the power of prayer. If you are not religious or spiritual then perhaps you can hold a good thought for me. I love hearing that too. I am looking for all the help and positive vibes I can get right now.

Advice: If you ever have to get a “bone marrow biopsy” take the morphine they offer for pain. My best guess is I got about 15 more of those go over the next two years. Ouch!

3 thoughts on “What is Wrong With Me”

  1. You have been in my thoughts and “prayers” since the begining of you being ill.


    Late for work, I will catch up with the following posts after I get there.

    *one more hug for good measure*

  2. Small price to pay for hair loss? As you know, I am PERMANENTLY losing my hair. Can’t wait for you to be empathetic to my thoughts and feelings about hair loss! 🙂

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