White Blood Cells

I found out a few months ago that your blood counts are easily affected. You could say, run up a flight of stairs and affect your red blood cells/hemoglobin counts. Or if you are fighting an infection your white blood cell count and neutrophil count may increase. Since about mid-May I have been fighting allergies on and off and my white blood cell and neutrophils counts have been higher. I guess that’s bad and good news. Bad news is I have been fighting allergies, good news is my immune system responds!

For old times sake, here’s my counts on July 12, 2006 :

White Blood Cells: 5.5 10^3/uL
Hemoglobin: 15.4 g/dL
Platelets: 257 10^3/uL
Neutrophils: 3.7 10^3/uL

Really good counts. The side note is I finally started taking my allergy medications again (I do not like taking anything unless it absolutely necessary). Funny, I feel a lot better…

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