Pull the Motor

Given the age of the vehicle, the state of the engine (something is wrong with cylinders 2, 4, 6, 8; white exhaust smoke), and the replacements we want to do on the chassis (suspension, steering, brakes, etc), we decided to pull the engine and transmission.

Seems like once we get a vehicle in the building. It comes apart pretty fast.


At The Toy Factory!

It took us nine meet ups and a carburetor rebuild but we finally got the C30 to The Toy Factory. Note we had to get the vehicle out of a backyard and through an alley to meet a tow truck as the vehicle could not fit down the driveway.

We might have went overboard on the tow truck.

Welcome to your new home C30!

The old camper has a fold down rear deck and glass sliding door. So, we decorated for Christmas and had surly Santa come by.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


It has taken a few visits to the C30 site, but after one carburetor rebuild, making a temporary gas tank, and replacing the coil, capacitor, distributor cap, rotor, and points, we got the 350 to fire up, literally.

After setting the fuel mixture on the carburetor, the dwell angle, and the idle at 1200 RPMs the engine starts right up and idles nicely.

Good thing half the grill is gone. Perfect spot for our temporary fuel tank.